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Deepa4Yoga is incredibly excited to work with Bright Futures UK on various programmes and activities. I have shared my expertise in yoga with Bright Futures UK after being taught by a number of Yoga instructors over the years and completing a range of courses and hours practicing.


Bright Futures UK is the first organisation to support young people who are forced to take time out from education due to medical circumstances. Support is provided to individuals suffering from both mental health conditions and physical health conditions, who are of educational ages – 5-24. Offering mentoring, tutoring and workshop programmes, each one is tailor made to suit the wants and needs of the young people.

Working with Bright Futures UK, I have been able to translate my work into a fun and engaging sessions for individuals, who through illness don’t have the full range of mobility. I have worked with individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue, bound to wheelchairs, or don’t have use of certain limbs – needless to say, when they hear the word yoga they assume it isn’t for them.

During the programmes we focus on breathing and small exercises that have a huge impact in connecting to our bodies. For young patients who have long term illnesses these exercises offer benefits not only for the body, but for the mind also. 

Through Bright Futures UK, I have been able to teach yoga to young people battling their own medical battles. Giving them the tools, they need to practice yoga in their own time empowers their mind and body to overcome situations where illness can become overwhelming. 

“Deepa has been an incredible yoga teacher to our young individuals who are going through really tough times. Many of them feel anxious at the word yoga simply because they don’t understand the amazing benefits it offers. This is a different story after coming out of a programme run by Deepa - they have been converted! The physical benefits alone offer young people respite from their illness – simply invaluable”

Bright Futures UK Team

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