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Yoga Can Help Heal Depression

Depression – a concern worth the headache.

Have you ever seen a person known to you suddenly shutting up from the surroundings? The bubbling next-door boy or girl or even an aged person suddenly or slowly been engulfed in the gloom as if never to come out of that state? Once such a state arrives, the medical practitioners decipher the signs as MDD. To explain the term, it is the short form of acute depression or ‘Major Depressive Disorder’. MDD is a disease that erodes away the energy and vigour from life. Around 12 per cent of the total grown-up population suffers from depression according to the WHO reports of 2019. A total of three hundred million people around the globe are the victim of the disease. Depression slowly engulfs one into the clutches of gloom; though the good news is it is curable and Yoga is one way of doing so.

What depression (MDD) brings in?

MDD leads to a wide array of bodily and emotional dysfunction and reduces the abilities to perform normal work whether at the office or home. The signs of depression start from a feeling of sadness or disorder of the mood that is continual. The normal capacity and willingness to perform work goes away and interest in the daily activities wanes off. The symptoms are inclusive of the changes in the quantum of taking food which in turn results for loss or gain of weights, sleep disorders, fatigue, increase of physical work-out without a reason such as pacing, guilty feeling, thought disorder or difficulty while concentrating and impending tendencies such as, suicide. Yoga can bring back the mental stability and can help reduce physical problems and increase the concentration.

Depression and sadness – the differences

Every year depression hits around twelve out of hundred adults and one in every five person goes through depression in the lifetime, adolescents and women being more prone to the disease. This may be due to the emotional changes that teenagers’ face that are not easy to handle and that women normally are a bit more sensitive and introvert. However, MDD affects men too. Depression is not sadness or grief due to bereavement. It is much more. Loss of a relationship or of one who had been loved or even getting fired from work can bring in momentary grief in which people term them as depressed. However, that is only sadness but if that melancholia persists stretched over a long period of time, it is time to check if one has depression. Along with psychiatric aide, yoga does a wonderful cure to depression and brings in the cure effectively within a short period of time.

How to decipher MDD from normal grief

Grief brings in waves of sad emotions. These feelings are mixed with positive remembrance about the deceased or the distanced person. MDD is a consistent sorrow feeling and the intensity lasts for two weeks or more. In grief, a person is able to hold to his own esteem but in depression worthless feelings for self and self-loathing creeps in. Though sometimes grief overlaps depression, a keen eye on the symptoms will tell the difference between grief and MDD. The first requirement is to seek psychiatric help and continue yoga therapy to get fast relief and restoring of normal behaviour pattern.

Wonderful ways to cope with depression

There have been many types of research including that of Harvard University, which proves the relieving effect of yoga and mindfulness on depression. Yoga helps in many ways to alleviate and even completely cure depression. Yoga reduces the effects on the body that is produced from stress. It releases in the brain gamma-aminobutyric-acid (GABA), which controls the activities of the nerves in a profound manner. Not only is MDD curable but major mental diseases like schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder are largely curable with the help of Yoga therapy and mindfulness techniques. Yoga alienates the stress syndrome and reduces anxiety thereby curing the MDD. It is a soothing technique and relieves fast from the pains of depression. It improves the level of energy in the body and refreshes the mind.

How Yoga helps

The physical exercise that indulges in forming different postures of the body and controlling the breathing technique and using meditation is called yoga. It acts wonders in controlling depression and dealing with energy loss and concentration. Yoga is widely used to get help and stabilize problems of the mind and emotion to name a few anxiety, stress, lack of concentration and depression. It can cure other chronic ailments like spondylitis, other chronic pains, etc. It maintains the overall health and well-being of those who practice yoga regularly Other than releasing GABA, Yoga releases serotonin which is termed as the “happy hormone”. It increases the happiness quotient of the person practising yoga. Yoga helps to increase the HRV or Heart Rate Variability. Higher the HRV, the higher is the adaptability to stress.

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