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Understanding neuroplasticity through the power of yoga

Did you know that your brain thinks more differently now than it did a decade ago? The transition is due to the power of neuroplasticity.

This article will help you better understand the link between neuroplasticity and practicing yoga. You will also learn that it's possible for yoga can help you can rewire your brain.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the brain does not stop developing due to age. The brain's cognitive function may decline, but that doesn't mean that it can never regenerate itself if you expose it to the right environment.

For starters, what is neuroplasticity and how does it relate to Yoga?

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to adapt to new experiences, changing the way you think and act. Yes, neuroscientists have discovered that it's possible to alter, sculpt, and mould the nerve cells in your brain.

Once you start exposing your brain to new ways of doing things, the following happens;

The things that you do constantly become more powerful and this creates a new you

The things that you don't do fade away

The link between yoga and neuroplasticity

Yoga is a combination of meditation, breathing and movement. According to research, yogis' cognitive function does not decline with age, compared to that of the general population.

Scientists attribute the ability of the yogi brain to remain sharp despite ageing to neuroplasticity. During yoga poses and postures, the following brain functions are active;

(1) Reasoning

(2) Thinking

(3) Memory

(4) Judgement

(5) Evaluation

That means that whatever thoughts you have on your brain during yoga are what the brain will keep in memory or act upon. Have you ever wondered why yoga instructors emphasize pushing negative thoughts away and focusing on your breathing or positive thoughts?

Well, now you have your answer.


It's possible to train your brain to think in newer ways. Yoga helps you have an inner dialogue which can change your everyday attitude and judgement. Therefore, regular yoga practice can be a powerhouse for you if you want to acquire, memorise and adapt to new and better ways of living.

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