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7 health benefits of yoga for a healthy life

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We are moving from survival mode to growth mode. Earlier we focused on the standard of living, now we are talking about the quality of living. In this competitive world, we are always running to win business, enterprise, career and job. The same journey can be miserable if we don’t know how to manage the negative outcomes. Yoga gives us the opportunity to live a happy life by bringing balance to all the negative results you receive. It teaches you how to live a balanced life.

We can all agree, that health is an important part of life. Due to the daily stress of life, we neglect our health and our health is the least priority. Our body needs to align with our mind and soul. Yoga helps in installing that cal state of mind and positivity.

“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

There are seven important benefits to live healthy by practising yoga daily.

1. Reduce stress

Our mental stability is required at every stage of our life. On average 70% of people are consuming prescriptive drugs to manage their stress and anxiety levels. Yoga is considered a stress reliever. It reduces stress and brings mental calmness. A clearer mind means more focus.

2. Increase the focus

We are now constantly bombarded, from social media, work, and advertisements! Concentration now feels so foreign to the average person. This is where you can see the power of yoga. Concentrating on our breath, movement and alignment draws awareness to our day to day activities. Awareness leads to a healthy connection with our inner self, which increases focus and/or concentration.

3. Flexible body

Our body requires more flexibility to perform daily tasks. When practising yoga, you have to perform various asanas and pranayamas. Body movement brings flexibility into your body and slows the ageing process. A flexible body can also increase productivity.

4. Yoga = calmer mind

We are on the go almost 24/7. Yoga creates peace in the mind and in your life. Yoga encourages us to calm the unnecessary chatter in our mind.

5. Better joint function

The human body has 360 joints. Yoga helps encourage movement in our joints which allow better blood flow in the body. This allows for better function of the joints. Yoga has a proven track record on relieving painful joint concerns.

6. Build self-confidence

Yoga is known to create a strong relationship between the mind, body and soul. Yoga brings more awareness of our physical being and increases one’s self-acceptance, which leads to an increase in self-confidence.

7. Increase sleep quality

Our brain has different waves which have different frequencies. Now understand,

breath-work (pranayama) lowers the frequency of our brain waves which eases our mind into a calm and more relaxed state, which increases the quality of sleep.

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